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Jeremy opens up the movie with a shocking display of practically nothing which will leave you rolling on the floor. 

Something Fishy:

Voiced one of the lead characters, ZERO, in the upcoming production of Something Fishy. Directed by Ed Ghertner, written by Chris Wiltz, produced by Aashish Chanana and his production company Media Factory. The movie is slated for release in 2013. 

Madeline-Ukulele Jim Music Video:               
 Jeremy wrapped production in April 2010 on a music video for a local Santa Barbara musician. Directed by Erik Gomez, Jeremy played "Jim" opposite to a beautiful young woman who played "Madeline". 

Generous Peace-Kareem Salama Music Video:                         Jeremy wrapped this great music video in November 2009. He played "Max", Kareem's friend and fellow boxer. This song has a great message and also has an Arabic version. 

Television/New Media

Project Guardian-Live Action Comic Series:         
Jeremy has had the pleasure to work with an amazing cast and crew on a live action take on a popular comic book. Jeremy plays Jeremy, a snobby rich reporter who gets a little to nosy  and ends up on the dinner plate. The first episode will be out soon. Check out the website here.

BeerGlee-Comedic Pilot:
Jeremy just wrapped a comedic pilot as Richie. A college aged, RPG loving nerd that has the hottest girlfriend at school. Videos should be up soon. Check out the website here.

Dropped Call:                                                Jeremy was so excited to be a part of this production which wrapped in May 2010. He co-stared as "Ben" among an amazing ensemble cast. The editing is done and the producers will be pitching it soon. Keep an eye out for this one.



Jeremy had 14 sausage links, 12 strips of bacon, 4 eggs, 3 pancakes, 2 orders of hash browns, and 2 cups of OJ. While he was filming a new Norms commercial. It will start to run in April 2012. 

Trunk Monkey:

Jeremy had the pleasure of working with a chimpanzee on a new Trunk Monkey commercial. These great commercials are back and funnier than ever. 

Johnsonville Commercial Contest:                                                         Jeremy played the lead in this amazing Johnsonville sausage commercial that won first place in the Zooppa contest. Facial expressions are his specialty. Check it out in the videos section. 

Living Spaces Commercial:                                                                           Jeremy plays a loving husband looking for furniture. 

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